Interview was reluctantly and begrudgingly transcribed and fudged by Angry Andy Angry Andy: New request music Type O Negative, forthcoming release "Life Is Killing Me", in stores via Roadrunner Records Tuesday June 17; mark your calendars. I'm in the studios with none other than Johnny, Kenny, Josh and Pete of Type O Negative. Say hello, guys. Johnny Kelly: Hello guys. Kenny Hickey: Hey hey! Josh Silver: Peter Steele: How you doin today?

A.A.: Alrighty, I would like to congratulate you, first and foremost, on being # 1 on the WSOU new music spins, in the past 5, almost 6 weeks now; we've-

P.S.: Suckered one every minute eh?

A.A.: Yeah, that's right, including yours truly-

P.S.: You keep on 'em, man.

A.A.: You've been # 1 for the past five weeks on the phone requests, too; generated quite a buzz here, so you ought to be congratulated, at least on SOU standards. Can't say anything about the Billboard charts, though. First and foremost, the question begs, what happened with "The Dream Is Dead" release title? I know in the creative process, you've changed a few of the song titles around about as much as you've changed some of your clothing.

P.S.: Two reasons, actually. First and foremost, it was even too negative for us. It was almost prophetic, and we didn't want it to look that way. We didn't expect the song "Life Is Killing Me" to come out as well as it did. I'm not saying it's a great song, but it came out better than we thought, and "Life is Killing Me" is sarcastic, and analistic. J.S.: You know why it came out better? Because you made it about Jews now, and that's very important.

P.S.: Every song's about Jews, Josh. J.S.: You're right.

A.A.: Were there any tunes during the recording sessions that didn't make the final cut? Do you have any spare ones lying around? There aren't enough on here.

P.S.: Not really. There's not enough? You know what we'll do next time? We'll just play them more slowly so that we'll fill up to 79:59, you happy?

A.A.: No that'll work. This question is for each personal band member, what are your favorite personal tracks on this new album and why? K.H.: My favorite one's "Anesthesia", actually. J.K.: Probably "Nettie". J.S.: Probably "Anesthesia" as well.

P.S.: My favorite tracks are the ones running down Kenny's arms. K.H.: I thought I got rid of them last month.

P.S.: Yeah, they're flea bites.

A.A.: Cover art seems to be a bit more reserved on this album, but it's very simply effective to convey the message that you have presented in the album title. How did you come up with the cover art concept?

P.S.: The cover art also has to tie in with stage production, and it has to have something to do with the title of the album. Cardiographs are great because they encompass our two favorite colors black and green, and the heartbeat goin' dead, that's our career. K.H.: My favorite color isn't green.

P.S.: It's fit to match your teeth.

A.A.: There's speculation about the double disc version of this release "Life is Killing Me", and I've done a little research about it, but I'd rather hear it from the horse's mouth, what's goin on with the double disc version, and how can I get it?

P.S.: Seems like the national product in Europe is more expensive than imports, so in order for people to buy the national product where it's printed in that country, they offer a second disc. And these are b-sides of things that we've done earlier, and before. So it's just another attempt to rip off our public.

A.A.: And that will be released exclusively in Europe?

P.S.: As I understand. J.S.: Also, Andy if you put the second disc in your PC, you can click on it and download a virus and e-mail it to your friends.

A.A.: Excellent. Do we know what kind of virus? J.S.: You don't need to know.

P.S.: The monkey flu! Hey, do you know where SARS comes from? It's from eating cats.

A.A.: Really?

P.S.: I swear to God.

A.A.: True to form for Type O Negative, there's usually a separate track that's a gag, but I don't hear of any of those on here. Is the gag somewhere within the soundscapes?

P.S.: It's the entire album, this time. There was a gag track that we had incorporated a Jerky Boys sample onto the first track, which is called "Uncle Freddy Died?" and they wanted a real lot of money and points just for 10 seconds of a snippet, and I'm really mad at them, so I will never listen to them again.

A.A.: Some pretty funny stuff, but I can't blame you otherwise. I wanna talk about "Todd's Ship Gods", if you don't mind. It's a tribute to your father; how did that come along? And is there any particular message that you wanted to convey out to the masses- that isn't spoken for in the song?

P.S.: "Nettie" and "Todd's Ship Gods" are kinda similar to each other, in that, when I wrote "Todd's Ship Gods", it was what I wish I had said to my father before he passed away. And realizing that, it was right afterwards that I wrote "Nettie", which is a tribute to my mother, who is mercifully still alive, and I wanted to say those things to her before it was too late.

A.A.: It's good to make amends before it's too late.

P.S.: For closure's sake. Yeah, losing a parent's tough. K.H.: You got anymore depressing questions?

A.A.: Ah, no. Getting onto the tour that's coming up, big question I've got on my mind, since you're touring now, does this mean you guys will or won't be touring come Halloween this year? J.K.: We'll probably be touring Halloween, also. We'll be somewhere on Halloween-

P.S.: I'm sure we will, but where? That's the question. There's a lot of places that we haven't toured yet. South America, Australia-

A.A.: Timbuktu-

P.S.: Queens. Ya gotta hit all the hot spots, man.

A.A.: You guys looking forward to any particular point in the European tour, and why? K.H.: We're going to Bologna. J.K.: We're going to Italy. We're going to Prague for the first time.

P.S.: Salami, brownie, salami! J.K.: We'll be playing in Warsaw, Poland, for the first time, so that will be pretty cool. Going to see new places is always exciting.

A.A.: Okay. Concerning the tour, your particular favorite venue to play and why? J.K.: Probably Harpo's in Detroit. J.S.: I agree with Harpo's, 'cause the neighborhood's so bad, you're happy to be in the club, finally.

P.S.: L'Amour, in Brooklyn, 'cause I can walk home if need be, which I have many times. Can I ask you a question?

A.A.: Yeah-

P.S.: Have you heard this vicious CBGB's rumor that's going around? [pauses] That we're supposed to be playing there Friday? It's a lie. I ain't going. I hate that place. It's like Al Sharpton's bedroom it looks like inside, except Al Sharpton don't allow white spray paint on the wall. I wonder why.

A.A.: You guys are playing there last I checked this Friday. It's an exclusive private party for the label heads, right? J.K.: We've gone corporate.

P.S.: An exclusive private party? Well they raffled off 75 pair of tickets, right? I don't know how private that is; we were suckered into it by the label and by management-

A.A.: Definitely. Does anyone know who they [Type O] are hitting the road with when you guys come back in the states? You touring with Dust to Dust again? J.K.: It's still being discussed. Nothing's confirmed yet. We don't even have the whole tour confirmed- right now, there's just a few select dates that have been confirmed, so all that stuff is still up in the air-

P.S.: The Backstreet Boys are goin out with- J.K.: I don't even know who we're touring with in Europe. I know Opeth is doing the German dates.

A.A.: They just tell ya to be there at a certain date, and that's- J.K.: That's it.

A.A.: That's it. The motto of the music industry, I guess. Anyway, speaking of which, a lot of people interested in what's going on after this release. This was the last studio album on your contract which Roadrunner Records. I hear you have a live album, a genuine live album to be released, left on the contract. Where does the band go from here? J.S.: Where'd you hear that? I heard that, too, but I didn't want to admit it. K.H.: Probably heard it from you. J.S.: Not from me.

P.S.: I heard something about that, but that's alright, because we'll just do it down in Josh's basement and keep all the money; like we did "Origin Of The Feces". That wasn't live.

A.A.: Exactly. No- do you have any post contract plans, as a band, or individually?

P.S.: Well we have lots of other interests from other labels. I don't think I that would mind re-signing with Roadrunner. I've been on the label 19 years, it's like a life sentence for me, so I've gotten used to my cell. People murder their entire families and get out of jail sooner than I get off this contract. I could've murdered you.

A.A.: Sure.

P.S.: It's not too late, is it?

A.A.: Yeah. I understand Kenny and Johnny are in another project; well who are you guys with? K.H.: We're just doin some stuff on the side, jammin' around. We ain't got a name or anything like that-

A.A.: Okay. Josh, are you doing anything? J.S.: Nothing. I'm gonna collect unemployment. J.K.: We're not even eligible for that. J.S.: I'm gonna be the first. Pioneering the way through unemployment- J.K.: When you figure it out, let me know how you do it.

A.A.: Well, you don't now. Okay. "How Could She?"- Pete, this is a tribute to fictional characters of television-

P.S.: To every cartoon character that I've ever masturbated over. J.K.: Eww.

P.S.: What, you don't masturbate? K.H.: You don't masturbate? J.S.: To Maude? J.K.: To cartoons? J.S.: To Maude? You masturbated to Maude?

P.S.: I love her- J.S.: Oh Jesus!

P.S.: I love her, I love her- K.H.: To Maude? She's the ultimate man-chick.

P.S.: She does it for me. Genie and Bewitched at the same time? Oh! What's up with Major Nelson, man?! Just tell her to change herself into somebody else instead of looking for other women! Jerk-off. J.K.: Moving right along-

A.A.: Thanks, Johnny- master of ceremonies back there. "(We Were) Electrocute"- Is there anything you wanna tell me about that song in particular? K.H.: We were never cute. J.S.: I don't know, "October Rust" was a little cute. K.H.: Not physically-

P.S.: I thought it was delightful.

A.A.: What is it? Are you guys electrocuted, or are you electro and cute? I really don't get it. J.S.: You're pretty cute Andy, frankly.

A.A.: Well, thank you, Josh. We're wrapping this up- What was the most difficult thing about making this last studio release for your contract? What was the most difficult thing for each one of you?

P.S.: The constant interruptions, I would imagine both good and bad. There were some deaths and some births, and attempted suicides. K.H.: The most difficult thing for me was watching my bank account dwindle in a 3-year period! J.K.: The toughest part was just that it took such a long time, longer than I had hoped- J.S.: I had the most wonderful time with these three fabulous gentlemen. I can't think of anything I'd rather do than be stuck two feet away from each and every one of them for eternity. K.H.: Well, it looks like that's how it's gonna end up, Josh!

P.S.: That's the Jews that were made to suffer, remember that! You're fulfilling your destiny. J.S.: No, you're fulfilling my destiny!

P.S.: Hey, we have to get on the Protestants and the Muslims now.

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