Type O Negative Chat: Thursday, July 8, 1999

Type O Negative: Kenny: Hi

Type O Negative: Peter: hey

Type O Negative: Johnny: hello

Type O Negative: Josh: Hey.

FieryNite: First off i have to say i love you guys. Will your fans notice any changes in the style of this album compared to the others?

TON: Josh: It depends on how drunk they are at the moment.

TON: Johnny: Yeah, you'll hear slight changes.

TON: Peter: I'm happy with the changes. I think it reflects my bathroom activities.

TON: Kenny: I'm pretty happy with it. It's the first time in my life that I recorded while completely sober.

Earie_Acid: How come it takes so long between albums?

TON: Josh: We've been selectively deciding not to be rushed. We've taken the time to give a real representation of the band, not that of the industry.

damien_azathoth : My question is for Peter, how do you feel about Black Metal?

TON: Josh: Type-O-Negative is not racially discriminatory, and if black people wanna play metal, that's cool.

TON: Peter: Black metal has a pagan aspect, I won't condemn burning churches. I'm a born-again pagan.

frost_77: what music influences you the most in your music?

TON: Kenny: Absolutely none. I wasn't listening to any music while recording the new album.

TON: Peter: My influences have always been Black Sabbath and The Beatles. The Beatles can never be overrated. Sabbath are the original goth band. :) We did a version of "Day Tripper."

TON: Josh: We are negotiating its release.

TON: Peter: "Day Tripper" turned into a medley. We can't just cover a song. We always have to do things slightly different.

TON: Johnny: Every record except the first has a cover.

Ihatecraprapiscrap: What do you think of the new metal, such as Korn?

TON: Johnny: That's over my head, I missed that boat, doesn't have much of an appeal to me.

TON: Josh: Who has changed music in the last ten years? I don't listen to new stuff these days.

TON: Peter: I think what they do is really good, but . . I like to listen to Cocteau Twins, Devo, and Black Sabbath.

meighen420: Were you ever teased because of your voice, like in high school, or was everyone too afraid of you?

TON: Peter: I never spoke in high school, I was an introvert. I was teased for my appearance. Growing up in Brooklyn, there were the rock boys and the disco boys. I wasn't picked on a lot, but I kept to myself.

Earie_Acid : To P.S.-- How often do you workout with your weights? How much can you bench?

TON: Peter: I work out once a year. I can bench 350 pounds.

Sidonia6: Kenny, what's going on with "Sex is Dead"? I've been waiting for a new chapter. I know you are busy and all....

TON: Kenny: I've been too scared to write for the past 6 months. I'm starting to write again. Three- to four weeks. It's posted on unsuccessfully coping.

TON: Josh: "unsuccessfully coping."

Cotter2000: what are some titles on the new album?

TON: Josh: "World Coming Down." "Day Tripper"

FRUCIANTE_PENETRADOR_ANAL: Why did you write Christian Woman?

TON: Peter: When you write a lot of songs, sometimes you have to dig really deep to find the subject. I'm a hypo-christian. I turn the other cheek, my ass cheek. I think Christ is a sucka, some chicks think he's a babe.

jessica8719: How you come up that unique name?

TON: Johnny: Joshua was the hebrew name for Jesus.

TON: Josh: I'm a Jew, I can't even lift a hammer . . (laughs)...lift a hammer.

gorrgoth: How many, if any, videos do you have planned?

TON: Peter: We're not a video type band, nothing exciting happens to us. The video depends on what the first single is. I can't think of any single, but I'm sure the record company will make you, the consumer, buy the album.

TON: Johnny: I would like to not make any videos, I hate makin' 'em.

TON: Kenny: It's hard work. Usually our ideas don't get used. You sweat for 20 hours and finally when they start making the video it turns into this big circus.

TON: Peter: You have all these pc people working for catering.

TON: Kenny: Everybody goes away from the video with money in their pockets, except for us.

damien_azathoth : Kenny, What type of Guitar do you play, and what is your sound setup?

TON: Kenny: Fernandez Sustainer. Mesa Boogie, distortion from the amp.

kameelyon.geo: -(for Peter) Tragedy and loss are ever a part of Type O Negative's aura. Knowing of some deaths in your family from the not so distant past, this must have been some sort of effect on writing. Was it theraputic to use them to help you write?

TON: Peter: Yes, somewhat I'll just leave it at that. Well, it's sonic therapy. We've always spoken about things very bluntly, but we all have a good sense of humor. We all rag on each other, which makes touring acceptable. I don't wanna sound like a rock star, but soundchecks are very important.

Nosferatu13666: In your eyes is the new album more metal or goth?

TON: Josh: I would say it's heavier, but I don't wanna use the word "metal." It brings up connotations of 50-year-old guys playing.

staynegative : how does the release of a beatles tune look? Are we running into summer breeze syndrome?

TON: Peter: I don't know what summer breeze syndrome means...like I said earlier, we didn't change any lyrics. It became a beatles medley, with "She's so heavy..." It became some of these makes me feel fine Kenny Hickey lying on the side walk .

wesleyj2: Josh do you prefer roland or korg keyboards?

TON: Josh: No preference. It really doesn't make a difference, 15 different keyboards used on the record. The keyboard doesn't matter, it just triggers sounds.

TheLowestForm: How good of friends are you while not touring or recording?

TON: Johnny: Like family.

TON: Peter: We're like the Manson family. Charles Manson.

TON: Johnny: I've got the hair for it.

shadybuddah: What do you listen to on the tour bus?

TON: Kenny: Josh's shit!!!

TON: Johnny: Whatever Josh is listening to that day!

TON: Peter: Laibach, it sounds like Brooklyn is being invaded by Sherman tanks. The music, it depends upon the mood, if we've jovial . . The Beatles, or Black Sabbath.

TON: Kenny: Me and John used to watch Stevie Ray Vaughn for his dental work.

nocturnalpixie: What made you guys want to remake Summer Breeze?

TON: Peter: The song emcompassed the same four chords we knew. Actually, it's always been one of my favorite songs.

burning_fr0st: Are you going to do any songs for anymore games? Like the songs you did for Descent 2?

TON: Peter: We can't answer some of these questions. We find out that we're on soundtracks, video games, we're on the "Bride of Chucky," I had no idea . . .

JayKayElle: I was wondering, how do you feel about this "teen-pop" generation of musicians.. and do you think that they are mucking up the whole scene?

TON: Josh: I didn't think there was a scene to muck up.

TON: Johnny: They've always been around.

TON: Kenny: From Menudo down, all the guys in the band are ultimately embarrassed, but they're rich.

TheLowestForm: What is your favorite song to play live?

TON: Josh: Anything but "Black #1."

TON: Johnny: I've always enjoyed playing "Pain" form the first record, it's dynamic, Love you to death . . .

TON: Peter: My favorite song's always been the last song.

TON: Kenny: I have to agree with Johhny, but also "World Coming Down."

SonicNetHost: Do you guys feel any pressure from the last record?

TON: Josh: There's always the pressure, but we don't care.

TON: Peter: It completely reduced our budget so we had less money to do the next album.

tank6000: Peter, how was doing the MTV show Rocks Off, and how was working with Stuttering John?

TON: Kenny: He's a nice person.

TON: Peter: It was too early in the mohrning for me, but any exposure is good.

SIDisVICIOUS: When I listen to the first album I can hear a lot of punk influence. Where you into punk? If so what bands?

TON: Peter: I always love The Exploited, GBH, I like the whole punk attitude. The Who were the first punk band and Sabbath were the first goth band.

Verdilak1313: Josh: I was wondering what software you guys use and what type of programs you used?

TON: Josh: Performer 2.3

Verdilak1313: Josh: was mastering the new album hard? it seemed to go pretty quick.

TON: Josh: it was the usual, a couple of weeks to record it, the usual stuff.

TON: Peter: If you flip samples and record'em backwards you don't have to pay.

TON: Johnny: Mask 'em.

chef211298: who is tony??????????????????????

TON: Peter: That's my bitch.

Nosferatu13666: who will you be playing with on the NY halloween show this year?

TON: Johnny: That's way too far in advance. We don't know yet.

TON: Peter: I think I speak for the rest of the guys. We don't give a shit about 2000. I base my whole time thing on Arthur Treacher's fish n chips.

kameelyon.geo: -(for all) Are you willing to *take* the compliments that people will undoubtedly give you after the release and all this work?

TON: Peter: There are no compliments, only lies. When it comes to us, it's a curse. Type-o-negative isn't a band, it's made of phlegm and feces, unstoppable. Bad news travels fast.

TON: Josh: I think it's a growing plan to further expose what they're trying to stop, it's a wonderful backfiring thing.

TON: Peter: I have no idea what yer saying.

sportstud_jon: Do you think your music influences children?

TON: Johnny: I really hope not You should get some sort of emotion out of it, but it shouldn't put pressure on someone to do something bad, especially considering what's going on in the media these days.

casketcrewchick: Are you guys comepletely satisfied with your lives at this point? If not, what needs improvement? BTW- How are you guys doing?

TON: Peter: I don't think anyone should be satisfied with their life. No one should be satisfied with their life, you should always strive to do something better.

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