TYPE O NEGATIVE - Peter Steele's Sonicnet Chat

Type O Negative January 29, 1998

Peter Steele: It's been awhile since we've been on tour and I am really glad that I have an opportunity to talk with some of the bands fans. I hope that you have a good time and don't think of this as a waste of time.

SKINnyPUPpy_lust: So really, how big ARE you?

Peter Steele: Two meters, 120 kilograms of low quality meat.

Orbital_Dre: When you first started writing (Carnivore and the early TON), your lyrics were more towards hatred and anger. What propelled you to change to a more gothic sound?

Peter Steele: My testosterone level dropped and the arthritis set in, so I couldn't play fast anymore. So I had to slow down.

CinnamonDruidess: Are you going to tour with Ozzfest this year, too?

Peter Steele: Unfortunately not. We will be working on our next album.

* Otter_rulz: When does the band plan on going on tour?

Peter Steele: After the release of our next album, which unfortunately will be one year from now.

Jyhad69: Will you ever release more videos?

Peter Steele: Funny you should ask because on or around April 1st, we shall be releasing our first, only, and hopefully last home video entitled After Dark. Which will contain the five professional videos that we've done, plus a bootleg version of "Christian Woman" and a very long sequence of Kenny jerking off Josh's great Dane.

Scott25m: Who is the best and funnest band you have ever toured with?

Peter Steele: By far Pantera.

Pete_steele_1313: Ho w much can you bench press?

Peter Steele: Being that my chest is one of my better body parts, I almost never work out. But when I do, I do six sets of 315 lb. for as many times as I can do it. Usually between 9-15 times.

Lilymunster1313: Is it true you only like short, skinny chicks?

Peter Steele: Absolutely not! I prefer women with intelligence, personality and of course a sense of humor if she's going to be with me. I do however prefer tall women.

Pierced97: Pete when or will you be touring the U.K this year?

Peter Steele: Again that will be after the release of our forth coming album.

Winnie_1_Pooh : First, I love you. And second, is the song "Wolf Moon" a personal experience type of song?

Peter Steele: I should tell you what "Wolf Moon" is about. It's about a man who anytime engaging in oral sex with a menstruating woman, turns into a werewolf. So to answer your question, as much as I do transform after the act, it is into a pink poodle. Quiche Lorraine.

Jason1313: What's the latest on the new album?

Peter Steele: It's all written. I am actually heading to rehearsal after this interview. And take my word for it, the record company will hate it. Which is a very good sign.

LADYDECREPIT: Were you having sex when you though up the song "Love You To Death"?

Peter Steele: Actually I was sitting on the toilet where I was doing my best thinking.

Reaper_X: Peter, how does your music grow onto people? It is not the type to just go straight to the top like that of other bands. As you said, you rather the music grow with your fans than the other.

Peter Steele: I believe that I just sing, speak, or scream what most people especially men think or are afraid to say.

SAVOY99: Pete, I love the song "Die With Me!" Would you ever play it live ? What's your favorite and least favorite song to play live?

Peter Steele: I have learned never to say never. So therefore anything is possible. I will never play "Red Water" live cause its about my fathers death.

SonicNetHost: Favorite song?

Peter Steele: Favorite song, "Black #1" cause it gets the best response.

ExoticBirds: What was your best/worst tour/concert experience?

Peter Steele: Anytime we tour Brooklyn is great.

SonicNetHost: You've been quoted as saying, "We decided to follow our hearts and penises and see where they take us." In describing your approach to your latest album, October Rust. What are your thoughts on the outcome so far?

Peter Steele: That was a crude attempt at humor.

SonicNetHost: Your publicist is blushing...

Bradshaw12_17_99: What impact do music videos have on music today in your opinion?

Peter Steele: That depends whether they are shown on MTV. Music videos are great if they are sold in store usually they are too expensive for the average fan to buy. So may I suggest when the Type O Negative After Dark video comes out that you shop lift it and I will come up with the bail money. All $10 of it.

SonicNetHost: You and Chumbawumba?

SonicNetHost: What inspired the Playgirl gig? Did you get flack from friends and family?

Peter Steele: Poverty. My mother was very impressed. She said "that's why I named him Peter."

SonicNetHost: We're having temporary slow down with the questions coming in.

Peter Steele: We are sorry that we can't answer questions right now. But we are going to try to get this going and make it interesting.

Peter Steele: This is just like touring. Nothings working. I feel right at home.

Sabbatvamp: What is your favorite sexual position?

Peter Steele: Any fucking thing she wants, she gets.

Gold-cald Dragon: Why do you scare me so much?

Peter Steele: Do I look like you?

Winnie-1-pooh: What's something embarrassing that's happened on stage?

Peter Steele: I played in tune for once.

Vi0lentEd: Have you or will you ever, do a collaboration with Marilyn Manson or Trent Reznor?

Peter Steele: I would be honored since we all use the same colored dye.

Kerowyn_25: How bored are you? This doesn't seem liked it'd be fun for you at all.

Peter Steele: I am very comfortable. I am drinking red wine, and I am in good company. I take checks, Master Card.

SonicNetHost: Your check is in the mail!

Peter Steele: Anything you want. I just swipe it. The good company being the female Finnish bob sledding team. And they left Bob at home. Just kidding.

Lilymunster1313: We want proof it's really you!

Peter Steele: What do I have to prove to you that I am really here?

SonicNetHost: You mean the 2 meters wasn't enough?

Peter Steele: The 18 bob sled girls that are here say that its me.

SonicNetHost: You mention that the band "came into it's own" with Bloody Kisses. Where were you as a band before that? Did you see the path emerging, or did you just hit upon a sound that worked for you and follow it?

Peter Steele: Yes we were a band before that. If I could have looked into the future and foresaw what would lay ahead, I never would have quit my job as a park worker for the city of NY. Because whether you are cleaning up garbage or writing, it's all the same.

SonicNetHost: What park?

Peter Steele: Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

El_conquistador1: Hey Peter where are you going with that ax in your hand?

Peter Steele: To chop fire wood for a romantic interlude between myself and my left hand.

Tonnumberonefan: I have heard Type O Negative referred to as the Pink Floyd of the 90's. Do you agree with this?

Peter Steele: I consider that to be a huge compliment. Cause I have always liked Pink Floyd. However, I do not even feel that we are worthy to stand in their shadows.

Godboy_1313: Hey Peter, I read in a magazine once that you plan to quit the music biz when your contract is up with Roadrunner. Do you still feel the same way or will your faithful fans like myself, be stuck with jamming to the old CD's and never have any new material?

Peter Steele: My ultimate goal would be to keep on writing music whether I got paid for it or not. However if I did quit playing in a band, it would give me great pleasure to send bootleg tapes of my new music to any of my fans who would like to receive them.

Hatelight: Do you think gothic music is on the uprise?

Peter Steele: Unfortunately I don't get a chance to get out to much. So I am not qualified to answer that. But I have seen a lot more black outfits and white face paint recently.

Hippie_69: Peter, any chance of you showing up on South Park and killing Kenny?

Peter Steele: That would be great. However I would rather kill Beavis and Butthead or maybe me and Kenny could kill Beavis and Butthead together.

QuantumMind: What is your next cover going to be?

Peter Steele: That would be the cover of National Pornographic.

Guest_27b99534: What's it like to be a sex symbol?

Peter Steele: Why are you asking me that question?

SonicNetHost: Pshaw!

Jezza99x: So Pete, is the chain on your bass heavy?

Peter Steele: Yes, but I have gotten used to it.

OdinsHalo: You always seem to put yourself down, but looking at the turnout here and the selling of your albums don't you think you are actually good?

Peter Steele: I consider it to be mass psychosis.

ExoticBirds: Did you become a rock star just to get laid?

Peter Steele: The only true rock star to me is a stone mason. The last time I recall being inside a woman was when I visited the Statue of Liberty.

SonicNetHost: Oh jeez...

Zaknefeign: Are you and the guys from Carnivore ever going to do anything new?

Peter Steele: If my phone bill gets really high again, yeah. Just kidding, anything is possible.

ExoticBirds: How does it feel to have people like your music? Who are your favorite idols?

Peter Steele: I write my music for myself and I am really happy when others like it some of my idols are Charles Darwin Arnold Schwartzennager and Paul Lint.

Halo13NIN: What does the song "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" mean?

Peter Steele: What's your IQ?

ExoticBirds: Did you enjoy the Ozzfest? Who were some of your favorite bands there?

Peter Steele: Yes. And as I mentioned earlier, its always great to tour with Pantera.

ExoticBirds: Where do you see yourself going musically with your next album?

Peter Steele: Completely uncommercial. This next album may be my last, so I am going to do what I want to do.

DeadJuliet: Hey Peter, what do you think of girls who look like vampires?

Peter Steele: I think that all women are the ultimate art form.

ExoticBirds: If you had had a previous life, what (or who) do you think you were? What will you be in your next life?

Peter Steele: I would have been a maggot. And my next life I'm going to be an aborted baby.

SonicNetHost: Oh Jeez..

Lord_Judas: Are you Wiccan?

Peter Steele: I don't have any religion. Science is my religion.

ExoticBirds: Do you ever get tired of performing?

Peter Steele: Yes.

ExoticBirds: What were your favorite toys when you were young?

Peter Steele: Favorite toys? Hmmm. Gasoline, an arc welding set and a pipe cutter.

Susi_Neito: If given the chance, would you do another Playgirl spread?

Peter Steele: I think that I have scared too many people already. If they decided to do another one, I would hope that A. a Scratch 'N' Sniff or B. A Three - D type thing with the glasses enclosed so that I could poke you in the eye.

SonicNetHost: Oh Jeez...

Peter Steele: Or maybe squirt ivory liquid.

Pharoah982: What led you to success?

Peter Steele: What makes you think that I am successful.

Lilymunster1313: Do your sisters look like you? What do they do?

Peter Steele: Unfortunately, yes. And they do nothing they live off the hundreds of dollars in the bank.

Angelc3: What do you mean that this album maybe your last? We need people that don't suck like you (or suck well).

Peter Steele: That's very nice. But I feel that if this next album does not do well it may be time to retire and go back to picking up garbage. If it does really well I believe that part of winning the game is knowing when to quit.

Shrivel_skin: Was Origin Of The Feces recorded live. I don't think it was.

Peter Steele: With a French accent "but of course not you fool!" It was in fact recorded in Josh's basement on a budget of 2 liters of Stoli vodka.

Gothgirl1313: Are you a vampire? Are your teeth real?

Peter Steele: I suck but its not blood. Yes my teeth are real and they hurt like hell cause they are dull.

SabbatVamp: What do you think of the Clinton Sex scandal?

Peter Steele: I believe a person is innocent until proven guilty. So therefore I will not pass judgment on Mr. Clinton. I do however feel great compassion for his wife Hillary b/c she knows the truth and no matter what it is, she has the courage to stand by her husband's side. I feel journalists are good for only 2 things. The first to spread rumors. And the second, they make a very poor substitute for the fire wood to go into my fire place.

SonicNetHost: What if he's guilty? Should he be impeached as President just for having an affair and lying about it?

Peter Steele: I believe the main issue here is whether or not the President asked her to lie on the stand. If she indeed had sex with him, in that case yes, I do not believe that he is good for office. If he did screw her and he gets away with it, I am sure that Hillary will bestow the proper punishment.

XsanosBathory: If you were stuck on an island, what 3 thing would you take?

Peter Steele: I would take only one thing, and that would be a 9mm hand gun because being alone and subjected to my own thoughts until I die would be too cruel for even me to endure.

SonicNetHost: Johnny Gill asked for Toni Braxton in last night's Chat.

MrBacchus: Peter, what is your favorite brand of wine?

Peter Steele: Anything for free.

Marhault_Elsdragon: If you could be the offspring of any two animals, what would they be?

Peter Steele: A panther and a wolf.

Peter Steele: I apologize to the two or three fans out there who have spent this hour uselessly trying to chat with me. However as I am not really Peter Steele and just a stand in to this chat, I guess that you will have to look for the video coming out around April 1st, my favorite holiday All Fools Day. Don't drink the milk, its spoiled.

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