TYPE O NEGATIVE - Peter Steele's AOL Chat


Question: If you had a choice, how would you choose to die?

Peter: To burn to death in the arms of the woman I love.

Question: Do you think there is a new Goth movement and are TYPE O part of it?

Peter: This is a two part question. First part, I don't think the Goth movement ever died, I think this is a continuation of what happened in the 1980s. Second, I don't really know how to classify Type O negative, that is really up the people at the record stores and radio stations. Maybe I'd call us "Junk Rock."

Question: What are your influences?

Peter: Black Sabbath, The Beatles, and a Sixty Cycle Electrical Hum.

Question: What do you prefer, heaven or hell?

Peter: I would imagine Hell, since my friends and family are there.

Question: If you could form a side project with members from any band, who would they be and what would you call yourselves?

Peter: Probably the members of Black Sabbath, playing all Jewish songs, and we'd call it "Black Shabbas."

Question: How did you feel about your performance in Ozz Fest Phoenix?

Peter: Honestly, I don't remember that one in particular. But they were all very good! It was an honor to perform with Mr. Ozbourne in particular.

Question: What was the highlight of the Ozzfest Tour and were there a lot of rules imposed by Ozzy's management?

Peter: First part of question: The highlight of the tour was having played at Giant's Stadium. And yes, there were many rules imposed on us my Ozzy Osbourne management, but I've been warned that if I open my mouth, I will have both of my legs broken by Sharon Osbourne.

Question: First I thing want to say is that Christian Woman is one of the best songs you have ever done. What inspired you to write that song?

Peter: Having had a Roman Catholic mother, and a Russian Orthodox Catholic father, I was forced to succumb to Christian guilt from both sides of my family, so when I reached puberty and hormones started flowing through my vein, and the little acorns turned into Big Oaks - I felt very guilty about becoming a sexual person. And as much as I did not want to write an autobiographical song, I projected my guilt and my sexuality into the psyche of a 13 year old Christian girl who at bedtime would look up at the crucifix on her bedroom wall, and she'd let her fingers do the walking.
Peter: And by the way, Jesus Christ looks a lot more like Fidel Castro than me!

Question: When will you release a uncensored video collage?

Peter: When there is a coup at MTV.
Peter: Or maybe around Christmas if you misbehave yourselves!

Question: What inspired Fay Wray Come Out and Play? It is very beautiful.

Peter: I have seen so-called works of art by artists who simply take their own feces and coat them with polyurethane and sell them for $10,000. This is our way of sonically making fun of so-called "artists". I'm honored that you think this is very beautiful, but like everything I/Type O Negative does it was just an accident.

Question: On your appearance on the Rikki Lake show, did you ever sleep with the girl that came out to meet you?

Peter: Whether or not I did is between myself and her. Simply because I respect her as a person.

Question: When did you decide to form a band?

Peter: When I was 12 years old, to escape the insanity prevalent in my family.

Question: Was My Girlfriend's Girlfriend written from personal experience?

Peter: Let's just say that I have somehow managed to find my way between two naked women at once sometimes.

Question: What are the differences between the two Bloody Kisses cds?

Peter: Bloody Kisses Mk 1 was not a digi-pack and included We Hate Everyone and Kill All the White People, whereas Bloody Kisses Mk 2 WAS a digi-pack and excluded the previous two songs but however included Suspended in Dust in a crude attempt by the record company, to rip off you, YES YOU, the consumer.

Question: Hello. Where was the first place you ever performed, and how did the crowd react to your music?

Peter: Do you want to know with Type O Negative, or ANY performance?
Peter: First performance ever, at Public School 193 on Avenue L in Brooklyn when I was 12 years old in the lunchroom at lunch time, where on the first note of the first chord I was hit in the head with an apple. First performance with Type O Negative was at the now defunct LaMour in Brooklyn under our previous name Repulsion, sometime in 1980 - I believe February.

Question: When you are writing on tour, do you do any arrangements of new material during sound checks, or just wait to work things out in the studio?

Peter: Most of the arranging/writing I do mentally because having memorized intervals I can pretty much remember riffs and chord progressions as a mathematical sequence.

Question: How did you end up doing a video on the blood video game?

Peter: Rumor has it some of the personnel who work at GT Interactive, makers of Blood, are mysteriously enough fans of Type O Negative (they must be deaf) and for some reason asked us if we'd be interested in having one of our songs put on one of their video games. And to be honest, I don't play video games.

Question: What do you think of the new black metal trend in metal?

Peter: I'm glad to see a resurgence of Paganism simply because I am not so much anti-Christian but anti-religion, which is of course organized ignorance. And although I'm not a fan of that type of music anymore, I still respect what they're doing.

Question: Could you ever play Jesus Hitler live or would the band be offended because it is a Carnivore song?

Peter: I've learned never to say never. However, I feel that since Type O Negative has assumed it's own identity and not living in the ashes of Carnivore, I feel it might be safe or okay with the band to do some of the old Carnivore stuff now.

Question: How is it being a star does it ever piss u off to have people coming up to you all the time?

Peter: First off let me say that I don't believe I'm a star simply because everyone bleeds and I bleed like you. However, it is great and it is an honor when people come up to me and ask me questions or want my autograph. It's also embarrassing because these are the people who have made me who I am and who are also paying my bills. So it is I who should be asking them for their autograph. Maybe they could sign some checks for me.

Question: At what age did you lose your virginity?

Peter: At the ripe old age of 19 - on Thanksgiving Day. All I have to say is, "Pass the cranberry sauce."

Question: I would like to know what you think about your fans web pages devoted to you, and do you ever spend much time online?

Peter: Unfortunately I am a techno-phobiac. Besides not even owning a computer, I do not even own a microwave or a touch tone telephone. So I think that the online pages are great, and maybe with the next advance from the next album, if there is one, I will go out an buy a Hal 2000.

Question: I have always respected you on your standpoint and respect of women, so I feel comfortable in asking you this question, how do you forget or "kill" the love or adoration that you may have for someone of your past?

Peter: Because I have loved them so much, I have to fool myself into thinking that they have died. And I mourn them and try to only remember the good times.

Question: What do you think about people bootlegging your concerts on video?

Peter: I'm glad to see someone's making money off Type O Negative!

Question: Ever considered working with some electrical music producers for remixes?

Peter: It has been done already. We have remixed "Cinnamon Girl" with Charlie Klauser from Nine Inch Nails.

Question: There are rumors that the playgirl spread was a fake. It was "an attachment." I don't believe it of course. What can you say about it?

Peter: I am 6'6" tall, and I am proportional.

Question: What do you usually do in your spare time?

Peter: Work on my house, my car, and my psychological problems.

Question: I was reading an issue of Metal Edge that said you didn't care for the Internet too much, so why did you decide to come on for a chat?

Peter: Again, a two part question. I don't care for the Internet so much because it is not used as a medium for knowledge, but for gossip and hearsay. I have decided to come online for a chat because Road Runner Records is paying me $425 an hour. (You know Prozac is expensive.)
Peter: (And I mean $4.25 an hour!)

Question: Now that October Rust is the best album ever created, how will Type O top it?

Peter: Honestly I feel that we could have done better. I feel the only way to top October Rust is to play the Sgt. Pepper's album backwards and steal all the riffs.

Question: What made you decide to pose for Playgirl magazine, and were you afraid it would alter the way people view you or your music?

Peter: Another two part question. First part: As a career move. Second part: Everyone has consistently thought that we sounded like shit, so I figured there was nowhere to go but up.

Question: What do you look for in girls?

Peter: Number 1: Intelligence. Physical beauty. Self-respect. Sense of humor. Independence. And being able to tolerate the ******* that she's with.

Question: Was the screen name CasketCrew a *type o* on October Rust? Because the person with the name denied having anything to due with the band.

Peter: It had absolutely nothing to do with someone's screen name. It actually had to do with the division of a motorcycle club that used to deal with beating people to death.

Question: I heard a rumor that you and James Hetfield got into a fist fight. Is this true?

Peter: Absolutely untrue. I met James for the first time in Germany, and he was very gentlemanly and respectful. Not that I deserve respect, but he gave it to me anyway.

Peter: Unfortunately, my colostomy bag is leaking, and I am forced to run to the restroom. However, if you're thinking about killing yourself, remember: Take someone you hate with you!

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