TYPE O NEGATIVE - 'The Loo Fighter!'

In a subterranean Brooklyn basement, Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele lives with his two cats, a set of bodybuilding weights and a frankly alarming range of pills. And then there are the 24 pairs of identical underpants...

It makes perfect sense that Peter Steele lives underground. Bassist and frontman for Type O Negative, the Dark Lord of goth metal lives in a basement apartment, underneath the Brooklyn house that he grew up in, where his mother still resides.
Renovated by Steele himself, the apartment is long and narrow, primarily decorated in neat lines of black, gray, red and white, with large mirrors to give the impression of more space . To the left is a raised platform sleeping area, then a miniature gym where an impressive numbers of weights decorate the walls along with several bass guitars - the only real evidence of how Peter makes his living.
Various doors lead to the toilet and a workshop room, while a small living area opens into the kitchen. Books line a number of shelves, and the occasional piece of fine art appears on the walls. Orderly and clean, the portrayed in the press as being obsessed with his own impeding demise.
With a Type O Negative 'Best Of...' album soon to be released - titled, with typically self-deprecating humor, 'The Least Worst Of Type O Negative' - this seems like the ideal opportunity for Steele to give Kerrang! A guided tour around his subterranean, yet surprisingly un-Halloweeny abode...

Peter: "This is a very important room to me, because when you're away on tour, bathing and defecating becomes luxuries. So it's very nice to be home and do those two activities when nature dictates. I installed the bathroom myself, including the toilet and the shower stall, but my favorite thing is having a telephone in here. I have the Periodic Table Of Elements above the toilet, so that I can see exactly which element I am urinating out."

"The true loves of my life. Weena and Grizzelda. Grizzelda I've had for 10 years, Weena I found outside the door last year. She's only one year old. I like that they're independent. If they don't love you, they're not gonna show you they love you. They do what the f**k they want."

Peter's friend Tony
"I've known Tony for about 15 years, but we've become close friends in the last couple. He's like the brother I never had. There are times I need his help, and times he needs mine, and we have no qualms about dropping anything to go and do what's right for each other."

Workshop and tools
"This is the room that I keep all my tools in, as you can see. Spray paint, every power tool imaginable, arc welder... I've gotten really handy with tools because I live in an old house and things break real often. Now we're gonna do some welding..."

Washer and dryer
"When you're away on tour, it's a luxury to have clean clothes. I take 12 pairs of pants, 24 pairs of underwear, 24 pairs of socks and 24 shirts on the road. The point is that doing my laundry at home is a luxury. I installed it myself and I had to fix a gas pipe, which is pretty scary if you don't know what the f**k you're doing."

CD collection
"Music is the most positive way to alleviate boredom. I have everything from The Beatles to Black Sabbath to Laibach, Devo, Cocteau Twins... very diverse. The most unusual thing that someone would find in this collection? Probably the 100 dollars that I hid in here that I can't find right now. Either that, or The Village People. Man, they rocked!"

"I love my kitchen, because I keep all my junk food in one spot (opens the refrigerator). Everything I love is right here - frankfurters, Greek food, tuna fish, iced-tea, pickles. It's actually very boring to cook for oneself, and it's even more boring to eat alone, so most of my meals are delivered. I like the kitchen because I can eat whatever I want."

"Touring can be a very stressful situation, so I think it's a good thing to take vitamins. Especially on tour, because you don't get balanced meals. So I take a lot of minerals, vitamins, protein supplements, creatine (amino-acid found in the muscles of vertebrates - Medical Ed), Diet Fuel so that I don't become a fat bastard, St. John's Wort. I take about 100 tablets every day."

"A band should look as good as they sound - which is why Type O Negative sucks. But if a band has an erotic image, I think it's important to keep one's body in shape. I usually work out every other day. I used to go to Lou ('The Incredible Hulk') Ferrigno's gym, but it closed. These used to be in the gym, which I bought from them for a very good price."

"(Above the window-rattling roar of the engine). The car is an '85 Grand Prix which I had modified. I have a PA system in the car so I can yell at people, plus a really loud horn. The paint design is based on a locomotive. I love my car. I feel like it's an extension of myself. It's black and yellow, and any creatures that evolve in nature that are black and yellow are notoriously poisonous."

Type O Negative's new album, 'The Least Worst Of Type O Negative', is released on October 30.

Interview - Kerrang! Magazine - 28. October 2000

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