This week, get up close and personal with Type O Negative's brooding keysman Josh Silver

What is your nickname and why?
"Scumbag. That's what they call me behind my back - to my face it's Asshole."

At school, were you a dunce or a teacher's pet?
"I didn't go to school. I dropped out in 10th grade like a typical American. I couldn't take school: I couldn't deal with authority, I couldn't deal with the whole situation. I was probably scared to leave my mother. I was close to 15 when I left, which is actually illegal in the States but what are they going to do? They just let me leave."

What was your fist shag like?
"I hope it was better for her! It was a typically pathetic attempt at teenage sex."

Who's your best friend?
"My wife. It's not a funny or witty answer, but it's true. It would probably be my hand after her."

What's the best pet you ever had?
"I used to have a ferret that drank beer. I'd have friends hanging out at my house and this ferret used to knock their beers over and get loaded! He must've been a British ferret - he loved his beer. His name was Morris."

Have you ever been arrested?
"No, but I should have been a couple of times. I'm just very good at hiding."

What would you be if you weren't a rock star?
"Large fries with that Coke, sir?"

How would you describe yourself on a blind date form?
"You know, I think dating blind people would probably be the best thing for me..."

What's the most extravagant thing you've ever bought?
"I don't really buy a lot of extravagant things, so I'd have to say the 'Roger Rabbit' dildo that I bought. For a dildo, it was pretty damn expensive."

Who's gagging for a shagging?
"Sex is like a dead issue for me, having a dead appendage in general. I don't really think about sex all that much, so I think I'll say the whole world should f**k themselves!"

Who's gagging for a smacking?
"Same people - the whole world. Actually, we just had a big gang brawl after one of our shows. These two homeless crack-heads ran into our bus - and let me tell you, they were prisonfighting bastards, man. Our tour manager got busted up and three of us could barely hold down one of them. It got really crazy."

What's the worst job you've ever had?
"Every job has good and bad, but the worst I had was working in a mail room for five years. That wasn't exactly great."

When was the last time you called home?
"Five minutes ago. I've got my niece and my wife to call - I'm becoming a family man. I'm getting old."

What was your most embarrassing moment?
"Every night we go on stage. All the gigs we've done are just a blur at this point so it's hard to pinpoint one; but normally first you'll drink, then you'll act like a jackass and then you wake up the next day thinking, 'What did I play last night or what didn't I play?'"

Who would you least like to see naked?
"I hate seeing myself naked - I even stop shaving because I refuse to look at myself anymore. I'd have to say me."

What's the best rumor you've ever heard about yourself?
"My favorite rumor was that Peter (Steele, Type O frontman) had caught Aids from a very well known soul singer. Unsurprisingly, this rumor started on the 'Net, but I'm sure Peter hasn't dated that guy in a couple of years!"

What's in your wallet?
"Not much. About 10 bucks."

What's your favorite joke?
"Type O Negative."

If you were marooned on a desert island without food, which member of Type O Negative would you choose to eat first?
"I'd have to eat Johnny (Kelly, drummer) because he's in better health than all the rest of us so he'd probably taste better. He's got a nice ass too - the rump roast would be good."

Which Type O Negative song would you choose to donate to a complication album entitled 'Crap Songs Of Our Time'?
"'My Girlfriends Girlfriend', on 'October Rust'. It was a spoof song that people took way too seriously. It has nothing to do with Type O Negative. It just didn't work."

What's your drug of choice?
"It would have to be pot. I get really cranky when I can't have anything. It's not physically addictive, but you definitely get used to the mellowness - and then suddenly you're trust into the real world."

What does God look like?
"Peter's dick is the closest thing to God we've seen. It's also the closest thing to Satan as well."

When you die, how would you like to go?
"Quickly and quietly. When you actually face death then you have to wonder if you're going to become a wimp and just turn to what you've been taught. I really want to go as I've lived - an atheist bastard!"

Interview by James Sherry - Kerrang! Magazine

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