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Skip It

White Slavery

I make a call, so far to fall
Restless craving,

The summer snow,
But it's not cold
Once it's tested,
Thus infected

I've lost myself again
I've lost myself again
It's a nightmare,
But it's clear
It will end, but when?

The break of day,
I rot away
With every breath,
I pray for death

Let me say
Pepsi Generation
A few lines
Of misinformation
Watch your money
Flow away oh so quick
To kill yourself properly,
Coke is it


Everyone I Love Is Dead

Seems three years,
Though maybe four
Someone drops dead
Whom I adore
You love someone
There will be grief
The kiss of death
Lips of a thief

Goddamn it

A dusty stack of photographs
Of times I've cried
But mostly laughed
Commit the past
Into blue flame
Acrid smoke
Cowardly shame

At times I'm truly terrified
'Cause dope and booze
don't help to hide
They're used to mask
A weakling's hurt
It's just like painting over dirt

Everyone I love is dead

Life's a game I cannot win
Both good and bad
Most surely end
The mirrors
Always tell the truth
I love myself
for hating you

Who will Save the Sane

Periodic tableware
Psychotrophic science fare

But who will save the sane?
Some beings
Just can't change
Now crawl on by
With a fake tear in your eye
And think
Isn't he strange?

Pseudogasmic chemistry
Necromorphic apathy

Physical laws unapplied
Hamper my request
Unsurreal world
Of unfailed HIV tests
Der übermensch warning of
pi (techno junkies)
come on boy, tell me, tell me

tentative ambulance
date bound for G ward
Beartrap psychiatrist bait
chew my paw off
Unmercilessly we will take you
Away to slumber
But only if you can recite
Avogadro's number

Now crawl on by
With a fake tear in your eye
And think
Wasn't he strange?


World Coming Down

She thinks I'm Iron Man,
That I don't feel pain
I don't understand why joy
Must be feigned
I'm so fortunate yet
Filled with self-hate
That the mirror shows
Me an ingrate

I could easily start
Pointing fingers
Since the blame is mine,
It always lingers
That the truth it lies in
My reflection
Though this can't go on
There's no question

Yeah I know that my
World is coming down
Yeah I know I'm the one
Who brought it down
Bring it on down

How quickly pass the days,
Long is the night
Lying in bed awake,
Bathed in starlight
Better to live as
King of beasts
Than as a lamb
Scared and weak

I will deny my role
As a human
Holding myself hostage
With no demands
It's better to burn
Quickly and bright
Than slowly and dull
Without a fight

Creepy Green Light

This Halloween
So unlike any other
Her final words
Don't be afraid
Of the green light

On muddy ground
I'm lying drunk on her grave
Where I must wait
Until she wakes
The soil splits, Greenwood's Ground
Will quake beneath me
And so shall take
Into the earth
To the green light

The autumn air
Thickly fills my lungs
So sweetly
Reminds me of
her smoky breath
with wine and this
bouquet of maple
and oak leaves
In death or life
We'll always be

Find myself drawn to her
Shadow domain

This moonlit night,
Late October's swirling
And as promised,
My love did rise
From the green light

Everything Dies

Well I loved my aunt
But she died
And my uncle Lou,
then he died
I'm searching for something
Which can't be found,
But I'm hoping
I still dream of dad
Though he died

Everything dies

My ma's so sick,
She might die
Though my girl's quite fit
She will die
Still looking for someone
Who was around,
Barely coping
Now I hate myself,
Wish I'd die

No, why? Oh God I miss you
No, why? Oh God I miss you
I really miss you


Pyretta Blaze

Beautiful yet dangerous
Thermogenic, luminous
Like a moth drawn to a flame,
I'm the same
All cremated equally

As a spark still I knew
I'll be lured , be consumed
She a pyre incarnate,
An inferno
turned to flesh

you are the first will be my last
will be my final words
(she said)
Pyretta blaze

Say the words
I long to hear
Pinch, bite, kiss, suck, lick and sear
In a pyromantic way,
I'm her slave
Living for her to ignite

All Hallows Eve

Fall fires burn 'neath
Black twisted boughs
Sacrifice to above
Smoke swirling quickly
Towards misting clouds
Offering of this blood
Into the flames
And without shame
Consumed with howls
And screams
Pumpkins grin
In their despair
On All Hallows Eve

Cruel be the wind
As it quells my words
I shout out to the rain
Incantations I so hoped
You've heard
That you live again
From deep Earth
Brings forth rebirth
Witness but I shant believe
From below a chilling glow
On All Hallows Eve

Be spiderwebbed
And glazed in frost
She wears death beautifully
More stunning now
Than in her life
On a bed of Autumn leaves
Into her eyes
And quite surprised
I whispered
Don't you leave
Sing macabre songs
And we'll dance 'til dawn
On All Hallows Eve

Saint Lucifer hear me
Praying to thee
On this eve of all saints
High be the price
But then nothing is free
My soul I'll gladly trade

Cold is the night
In so many ways
Luna round, full and bright
Deep be the mud
On the fresh dug graves
On yours I recite
An ancient spell
I know so well
Success is guaranteed
I'll bring you back
From where you've gone
On All Hallows Eve

Day Tripper (medley)

Day tripper - day tripper - day tripper

Got a good reason
For taking the easy way out
Got a good reason
For taking the easy way out now
She was a day tripper
One way ticket yeah
It took me so long
To find out - and I found out

She's a big teaser
She took me half the way there
She's a big teaser
She took me half the way there now
She was a day tripper
One way ticket yeah
It took me so long
To find out
And I found out

If I needed someone to love
Your the one that id be thinking of
If I needed someone

If I had some more time to spend
Then I guess I'd be with you my friend

If I needed someone
Got your number on my wall
And maybe you will get a call from me

If I need someone

Day tripper
Day tripper
Day tripper

I tried to please her
She only played one night stands
I tried to please her
But she only played one night stands now
She was a day tripper
Sunday driver yeah
It took me so long
To find out and I found out

She's so
Heavy heavy heavy
She's so
Heavy heavy heavy heavy
She's so
Heavy heavy heavy
She's so