| TYPE O NEGATIVE - Calendary |

1990- First Subzero, then Type O Negative was born

1991- Roadrunner re-released a compilation of 2 previous Carnivore works.
Slow, Deep and Hard.

1992- Orygin of The Feces

1993- Bloody Kisses, Sal resigned from Type O negative, to join Life of Agony, Johnny Kelly jumps in the drummer seat.

1994- TON appears on Black Sabbath tribute: "Nativity in black", covering track "Black Sabbath"

1995- Peter's nude pictures in Playgirl magazine, august issue
"Blood and fire" track on the soundtrack of "Mortal Combat"

1996- October Rust

1997- TON covers Status Quo "Pictures of the Matchstic men" for "Howard Stern Private Parts"
"Summer breeze" on a soundtrack of "I know what you did last summer"
TON song "Paranoid" appeared on compilation album "The Darkest Hour" under the Hypnotic label.
Peter was the voice of Ian Nottingham for Kat Bjelland's concept album based on the
comic series "Witchblade".
F.W.Murneau 1922 silent horror classic was updated and remastred to include music by TON
"Dressed to Kill"- UK label released 'Metal millennium" 2 disc collection with TON : "I know you're fucking someone else"

1999- World Coming Down
TON's "Haunted" was included in the "Blair witch project" soundtrack
TON's "Die with Me" on a soundtrack of "Carrie- The Rage"
TON's "I love you to death" on a soundtrack of "Bride of Chucky"

2000- The Least Worst Of Type O Negative
Featuring Peter "Just say no to love" song is included on Tony Iommi's self-titled "Iommi" release.
"October rust"- their previous release went gold

2001- TON recorded track for the WWF titled "Out Of Fire" which is the theme song for the wrestler Kane.

2002- Peter featured in duet called "Descent" on her latest release "Fight"

2003- Life is killing me
"(We were) Electrocute" on the "Freddy vs. Jason" soundtrack